Where did the Chisholm Trail start and end?

Where did the Chisholm Trail start and end?

Chisholm Trail, 19th-century cattle drovers’ trail in the western United States. Although its exact route is uncertain, it originated south of San Antonio, Texas, ran north across Oklahoma, and ended at Abilene, Kan.

When did the Chisholm Trail end?

Today, some historians consider the Chisholm Trail to have started at the Rio Grande in Texas or at San Antonio, Texas. From 1867 to 1871, the trail ended in Abilene, Kansas. Later, Newton, Kansas, and Wichita, Kansas, each served as the end of the trail. From 1883 to 1887, the end of the trail was Caldwell, Kansas.

Why did many of the long drives end in Kansas?

These diseases along with the development of barbed wire which prevented the mass drives and pasturing of cattle on the open prairies ended the cattle drives to Kansas. By this time, railway lines had reached Texas so the movement of beef to the east continued.

How long did a cattle drive take on the Chisholm Trail?

two to three months

Which Cattle Trail was the longest?

Great Western Trail

Which trail ran roughly parallel to the Chisholm Trail?

Which cattle trail was most famous?

Chisholm Trail

Why was the Chisholm Trail important?

The Chisholm Trail was the major route out of Texas for livestock. Although it was used only from 1867 to 1884, the longhorn cattle driven north along it provided a steady source of income that helped the impoverished state recover from the Civil War.

How long was the Great Western Trail?

4,455 miles

Who pioneered the Great Western Trail?

John T. Lytle

When did the Great Western Trail end?


How many miles is the Chisholm Trail?

eight hundred miles

How long is the Goodnight Loving Trail in miles?


Who wrote The Old Chisholm Trail?

John Lomax

What states did the Goodnight-Loving Trail go through?

Sometimes just called the Goodnight Trail, the cattle-driving route known throughout cowboy culture mythology as the Goodnight-Loving Trail ran from Young County, Texas, across the Pecos River, through New Mexico, and on to parts north in Colorado.

When was the Goodnight-Loving Trail used?


When did the Goodnight-Loving Trail start?


What did John Iliff do?

He became a millionaire by using the Plains for a huge open range ranch from which he sold beef to mining towns, teams building the Union Pacific Railroad, and to the government for Plains Indian reservations. In 1872, he won a contract to provide beef to a reservation of 7,000 Sioux Indians.

Who brought the cattle to Texas?

The Spanish brought cattle to New Spain soon after they began colonization in the 1500s. The first cattle arrived in Texas in the 1690s. By the 1730s, missionaries were operating cattle ranches around San Antonio and Goliad.

Where does the Great Western Trail start and end?

The Great Western Trail began at Bandera west of San Antonio, Texas and passed near Buffalo Gap and Abilene in West Texas. It concluded at Dodge City, Kansas.

What was the purpose of cattle trails?

Ranchers used specific routes, known as cattle trails, to move their animals from grazing lands to market. The most famous trails of the Great Plains ran from Texas northward to Kansas cowtowns or railheads.

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