What decisions did the Congress of Vienna make?

What decisions did the Congress of Vienna make?

During the Congress of Vienna, the great powers of Europe (Great Britain, Austria, Prussia, and Russia) guaranteed each other�s independence by ensuring that no one country could dominate the continent.

What were the long term legacies of the Congress of Vienna?

The Congress of Vienna and subsequent Congresses constituted a major turning point – the first genuine attempt to forge an ‘international order’, to bring long-term peace to a troubled Europe, and to control the pace of political change through international supervision and intervention.

How did the great powers maintain the balance of power in Europe quizlet?

European nations maintained a balance of power through wars and shifting alliances.

What two major decisions were made at the Congress of Vienna?

Results of the Congress of Vienna

  • French returned territories gained by Napoleon from 1795 – 1810.
  • Russia extended its powers and received souveranity over Poland and Finland.
  • Prussia lost its claims over Poland, but extended its territory towards the West (Westphalia and the Rhyne Province)

Who hosted the Vienna Congress in 1815 analyze the main changes brought by the Vienna Treaty?

Chancellor-Duke Metternich

What are the major changes brought by the Treaty of Vienna?

1 Answer

  • Provisions of Treaty of Vienna:
  • (i) Bourbon dynasty was restored to power in France.
  • (ii) France lost the territories it had annexed under Napoleon.
  • (iii) The kingdom of Netherlands was Set-up in North and Genoa was added to Piedmont in the South.
  • (iv) Prussia was given new territories on its Western frontier.

What did Europe do after the Congress of Vienna?

The Congress of Vienna convened to re-map post-Napoleonic Europe and prevent the rebuilding of a strong France. By February 1815, delegates from the European great powers and several other European countries had, through heated compromises, created a new map of Europe.

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